Company is Canada’s leading online resource created to educate Canadians about responsible casino gaming. The site offers access to free educational resources and practical advice to help players stay in control of their game and avoid potential gambling problems.

Main functions:

  • Educational Materials: provides a wide selection of educational materials covering various aspects of responsible casino gaming, including gambling risks, bankroll management strategies, and spotting signs of problem gambling.
  • Practical advice: The site provides useful advice on how to control your game, set limits on bets and playing time, as well as how to recognize and avoid potentially harmful habits in the gambling process.
  • Support: Users of can request confidential gambling support and advice. A team of experts is ready to provide help and advice on responsible gaming at any time.
  • Community Forum: The site also has a forum where users can discuss their experiences, share tips and support each other in their efforts to maintain a responsible gaming culture. works to create a conscious and responsible gaming culture among Canadian players, helping them enjoy casino entertainment without the risk of negative consequences.